Personal Makeup Course


Duration: One session of 3 hours, longer for more than one participant.

Course Content:

  • Skin care knowledge
  • Four Season Color Analysis: Discover your perfect makeup shades with our comprehensive color analysis.
  • Techniques for daily makeup for:
    •  Eyes
      • Choosing and applying the right eyeshadow
      • Choosing and applying the eyeliner
      • Curling lashes and applying mascara
      • Drawing eyebrows
    • Face
      • Choosing and applying the correct foundation
      • Applying the blusher
      • “Sculpting” your face through shading and highlighting techniques
      • Concealing your imperfections
    •  Lips
      • Choosing and applying the right lipstick

All participant will receive a set of makeup product:

A travel brush set

A set of Eyeshadow palette

One eyeliner

(image for illustration purposes only, actual set might vary slightly)

Course Fee

Been wanting to attend a makeup class to understand the basics that would work for me instead of spending time watching online tutorials and spending money buying products which may not be suitable for my skin. Really glad to have attended the Personal Makeup Course yesterday! At first I thought the 3-hr duration was long but time flew by so quickly! Jovie explained the different types of skincare and make-up products in a very simplified manner with examples and also recommended products that would work for my skin type. This is really helpful for newbies like myself. She's also brand-agnostic so the product recommendations are based on what works well.

I had a one on one session with Jovie and it was a life changing experience. Before even meeting her, she was very good at suggesting what to bring to our session (makeup or skincare I currently use, and I highly recommend bringing your arsenal because you’ll see your makeup in a whole new way after Jovie walks you thru). She was always prompt to answer my emails as well! So super high marks on customer service! Jovie is a warm, attentive and knowledgeable instructor. Her studio is well lighted, spacious and very welcoming. I especially appreciated her tutorial on color schemes and combinations before delving into full makeup. I loved that while she had several brands to try on, she never once tried to steer me towards one or the other but offered sincere feedback on quality, cons and pros and wasn’t shy about discussing preferences on cosmetics based on personal experience. Her hands-on approach was also very unique - she doesn’t just apply the makeup on you, she encourages you to play around and apply it on yourself, while walking you thru better techniques, tricks and tips on how to’s. I thoroughly enjoyed my session and she even spent an additional 30 minutes with me - I was having so much fun I did not even notice the time. I wanted Jovie to help me disguise my sunken, tired looking eyes and I walked away with a great technique to address that issue, while also feeling I could apply this lesson on future makeup purchases. I feel I can walk into a store and actually purchase items that compliment me! I highly recommend her sessions, you will leave feeling better about your skincare and makeup routine. Thank you Jovie!!
I signed up for the Personal Makeup Course with my daughter as she is interested in makeup and I don’t have experience with it. Jovie taught us about skin care and showed us what colours suited each of our skin tones. We learnt about products that we could use and how to create different looks using the brush set that was given to us. Jovie was friendly, patient and attentive. My daughter and I had a very enjoyable and informative afternoon. My daughter looks so polished after the course 😊 Highly recommended!
Chee Mei



  • Please note that this makeup course is designed for personal use; we do not offer professional makeup training.
  • We do not sell makeup products; our focus is solely on teaching the correct application techniques for personal use.
  • The course will take place at our studio in Tiong Bahru and will be conducted by Jovie.
  • Course timings are flexible and can be arranged based on the makeup artist's availability.
  • Participants are encouraged to attend with a fresh face and avoid wearing makeup. It's recommended to wear a white or lighter shade top.
  • All makeup materials will be provided during the course.
  • Courses are typically conducted in one-to-one sessions. However, you can bring a friend to attend as a group and enjoy a group discount.
  • Discounts are available for courses attended on weekdays (Monday to Thursday), excluding public holidays.
  • Reservation of time slots requires a 50% deposit payment.
  • For details on the available time slot, please contact us.